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  • http://lightsinalingsas.se/en/heart-project
Lights in Alingsås has gone further in the Darc Awards, the Oscars of the lighting design profession. This Swedish event is entered in the category "Best Creative Events"
Alingsås is a partner city of PLDC 2017. Here you can read and download the latest press release.
Now you can download this year´s broschure of Lights in Alingsås, the english version here.
This year's head designers were in Alingsås for a weekend in February where they went around the town with the team, looking for suitable places to build their theme-based installations.
The theme of the Lights in Alingsås festival 2016, is “The Enlightenment”. In October, we choose to shine a light on the world's most important questions.

A light meeting

September 30th - November 6th  2016

Lights in Alingsås is an amazing place for meetings. Here, friends meet to hang out and to take a walk while visiting the lighting installations, companies take the opportunity to arrange conferences and lighting designers and other people in the industry get together. Every year 85 000 people visit Lights in Alingsås.