We are the designers of 2017


James Wallace, Australia
James Wallace is an experienced, qualified and practicing lighting designer with an in-depth appreciation of the design process.  He is currently a partner and the design director of LightPlan, a professional design practise located in Perth, Western Australia. James’ lighting design experience draws from a broad base of projects pertaining to both interior and exterior environments. His current interests are in telling a story with light; through careful masterplanning James enjoys reinforcing and reinterpreting the narrative in both architecture and the public realm. He calls this “light with meaning”, and he often applies it in the night-time interpretation of public spaces and building facade projects, during urban nightscape planning, re-activations, place-making, public art initiatives, heritage places, gallery and museum display spaces. 
Lara Elbaz, Spain 
With a degree in Interior Design, Lara stepped into the Light world after taking a Lighting Design Course at the Istituto Europeo di Design, in Madrid. Since 1995, she is fully dedicated to the lighting field. For the first decade of her professional life she worked for Philips Lighting, where she acquired solid technical training as well as marketing and commercial experience. She consolidated her lighting design experience with a 2-year collaboration with the well-known Spanish lighting design consultancy, Architectural Lighting Solutions (ALS) where she participated in the development of internationally recognised lighting design projects. Since 2008 she combines her professional activity as independent architectural lighting designer for permanent and ephemeral projects, with an intense educational activity, teaching Lighting Design at the IE School of Architecture and Design in Segovia and the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid where she also directs a Lighting Design Master course.

Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun, Canada

A lighting designer in the fields of architecture and the performing arts, Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebun studied architectural lighting design at the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm. He has worked on many architectural lighting projects, including Le Potager des Visionnaires by artistic director Franco Dragone at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, the Chute du Grand-Saut at the Canyon des portes de l’enfer in Rimouski, and Fresque de Nuit, a multimedia show at the site of the former cathedral in Mont-Laurier running through 2016. In the field of theatre, Louis-Xavier has been working on lighting with Robert Lepage for the past seven years. He worked on the lighting design for Le Projet Andersen and Eonnagata, as well as the lighting for The Tempest, Jeux de cartes 1 : PIQUE and Le Dragon bleu, a production for which he won the Gascon-Roux prize for lighting design in 2009.


Miguel Angel Vázquez Calanchini, Mexico

MIES Assoc. IALD Independent Architectural Lighting Designer & Consultant. 17 years experienced awarded Architectural Lighting Designer & Consultant / licensed registered and certified architect with extensive practice in both private and public sectors Across Mexico with recent projects in USA.  


Birgitte Appelong & Mats Bergström, Norway

Birgitte and Mats are two people who are interested in lighting, lighting design and its effect on humans. Both natural and artificial. Together with Westerdals School of Arts, Communications and Technology in Oslo, developed a new bachelor study program in experience design, specializing in lighting design in architecture or -in the performing arts. They are very proud to start this now for the fall 2017. The program is the the only of its kind in Norway. The program will have a great opportunity to think beyond traditional design arenas and to potentially create new interdisciplinary models with business, urban planning, social work, and computer science programs. With the new program they wish to challenge the senses, -stage/space, -lighting technology, -experiences, -new lamps, -hologram, -Nordic light and…..the list is long. At Westerdals Oslo ACT, their teaching philosophy is a combination of practical assignments, lectures, seminars and guided projects. Students work individually and in groups, and in teams across educational programmes.

Veronica Chernets, Ukraine

Vira (Veronica) Chernets, born 1982, graduated as Lighting Designer in 2004, and got the PhD Degree in October, 2009. Her efforts as a Lighting Designer are focused on academic, institutional occupation, and at the same time her activity is focused on her freelance practice in lighting design, CAD interior design, external architecture, landscapes, sports facilities and urban environment projects. She is also focused on LED technologies, including scientific investigation of illumination systems with light emitting diodes modeling. The concept of her light-vision is to achieve the balance between aesthetic and technical judgment. She gained the Master Degree at Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy. Diploma in Lighting and Electrical Engineering with specialization in Lighting Design. Nowadays she got six-years experience as a Freelance Lighting Designer and CAD Manager working on residential, commercial and industrial projects in Ukraine. She has also completed Doctoral School at Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy with research objective – 3D LED lighting systems modeling and rendering.

Magnus Almung & Simon Malmström, Sweden
This year´s all-Swedish team. Simon Malmström is a lighting designer working together with the architect Magnus Almung. Together they have a wealth of experience and will be the team complement to each other. Both are working on the company Tengbom architects, placed in Gothenburg and the have already a relationship to Alingsås and some of the buildings.