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Our Planet is limited

Av: Fredrik Wizemann, Hållbarhetscontroller, Alingsås Energi 2016-06-14

To remind myself of this I do the following on a flight: I look out the window, look at the moon and tilt my head to the side. This produces a fascinating effect, the bow of the horizon in combination with the hovering moon shows that we are on quite a small world. Over 7 billion humans, looking at the same moon across the same horizon, share the same planet with me.

This may not be evident to all politicians of the world, but on December 4th 2014 enough leaders within the United Nations General Assembly saw our planets limits and ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals covering Environmental, Economic and Social aspects for our tiny blue marble.

The goals shall ensure that future generations have the same or better possibilities for development than current generations.

I’m glad that this years Lights in Alingsås will cover the UN:s sustainable development goals, my conviction is that we all will gain something if we know what path lies ahead of us.

Sure, an event like this, that covers sustainability should not be held if it weren’t sustainable by itself. My role within the project is to see that Lights is in compliance with “Miljödplomerat evenemang” (Environmentally certified event) according to the criteria set up by “Svensk Miljöbas”. In order to reach certification (diploma) we have to show that we meet 16 requirements and at least 75% of concrete actions have to be implemented. Requirements are e.g. that all participants have some basic knowledge of environmental topics, that we know of the legal requirements of our event, and even the risks from substances that are used within the workshop (e.g. paint and glue).

As I’m an “environerd” I’m really glad that I can spread knowledge on future environmental challenges in a positive setting. If the trend holds, more than 80 000 visitors will be enlightened about our future voyage on our “spaceship  Earth”.



Fredrik Wizemann - Hållbarhetscontroller, Alingsås Energi


The Art Gallery of Alingsås

Av: Anna Mighetto, Manager of the Art Gallery, Alingsås 2015-10-29

There are only a few days left of this year´s Lights in Alingsås - and the thick darkness of autumn have presented themselves. But, it won´t be long until the light is back in Alingsås – soon Christmas will be here.

Lights in Alingsås were actually one of the reasons that I moved to Alingsås and left Gothenburg.  My husband and I went on the lighting trail a few years ago and saw the illuminated “Stampens Kvarn”. Suddenly we said to each other: "Here we can actually live!". A year later we moved into the house on “Överklinten” where we live and thrive today. Another important reason that I could think of moving to Alingsås is that Alingsås has an art gallery, a museum and a cultural center!

The way culture in various forms, adding emotion to the important questions that need to be raised and discussed in society is unique and for me, it set the position to have access to. It makes life more fun and exciting. That there are cultural institutions in a city sends important signals to society and the people around the art gallery, cultural center or museum wishes to develop. It creates quality of life and curious, open people. In this kind of a place I can grow as a person - and there is also an inspiring space for my children to grow up to be good people.

Today, not only I live in Alingsås, but is also director of the museum in Alingsås, the Alingsås art gallery and performing arts program for general and school in the municipality.

At this year's Lights in Alingsås, we have been invited to the “Kulturnatta” and had extra opening hours in the evenings at the museum. Alingsås art gallery also collaborates with local artists in “Stampens Kvarn” served in the exhibition "Motljus", which has become very popular and appreciative of interested Lights in Alingsås visitors.

Today, October 29 at 6 pm, an exciting exhibition at The museum of Alingsås opens called “Story On Story”. In Alingsås Museum's collections are memories and stories from the past preserved. We have photos, letters, furniture, diaries, archaeological finds, maps, clothing and much more. We have let art students from “Valand” in Gothenburg to explore and be inspired by objects and images in the museum's collections and this has resulted in 25 artworks, which addresses issues that all museums are grappling with: Why do we collect? What's the stories that are told?

Take the opportunity to visit the museum and the exhibition and have a coffee with us at the same time! Our opening hours are until 8 pm until this Friday. Visit our web-page for more information:

Welcome to make new discoveries in Alingsås!

AN´ys Coffe House, Alingsås

Av: Jennifer Hansson, Employed at AN´ys Coffe House 2015-10-21

My name is Jennifer and I´m working at AN´ys Coffee House here in Alingsås. For almost a year ago my dad's partner Annelie took over AN´ys Coffee House, then called Classic Coffee House. Neither I nor Annelie had any experience in this industry, but we saw it as an exciting challenge to try something new, because we both have always liked it very much. The premises are delightfully charming with its small loft, its high ceilings and cozy atmosphere.

We have worked a lot with our image since we took over the café and we have also increased the supply much. Now you will find a variety of lunch options every day, we make various soups and quiches. We also have salads and a lot of grilled sandwiches. We make everything on our own and we cook and bake gluten-free, which we know is very much appreciated.

We also take reservations and orders of the most kind, just contact us and we together something that suits you. We are always trying new dishes to try, and we are not afraid to experiment with both snacks and lunches. We have a lot of self-blended teas, all named after the music we like. We have a live photo wall, where the frames are constant and the motives changes at regular intervals. What we strive and aims for is that AN´ys Coffee House will be an oasis of calm for all our customers.

We liketo come up with new ideas and “go the extra mile” if there are any special events in town. We at AN´ys Coffee House think that it is fun and important that the city of Alingsås feels alive and there are excellent opportunities to let our creativity to flow and compose a new dish or perhaps a new cookie. Because we are so start-ups, it was natural for us to adjust our opening hours to 22:00 every evening and illuminate our outdoor tables during the Lights in Alingsås and contribute to more hustle and bustle of town. All staff finds it cozy and fun to see so many visitors and costumers to and have coffee later in the evenings. It is great to see that lighting trail is appreciated and it attracts a lot of people to our town.

None of us who works at AN´ys Coffee House have not much knowledge about lighting installations. But we have a large and cozy backyard. So we thought that we must do what we can to make it as nice as possible. We are pleased with our performance and we feel like is proof that you can do very much with limited resources. With a creative director, a couple of thrift stores and candles can make a large outdoor terrace very cozy without being particularly knowledgeable.

We hope that the remaining weeks of Lights in Alingsås will be as cozy as the first was. It is wonderful to see life and movement when cycling home from work and it's great to see so many come and have a coffee. It is an inspiring and wonderful event. Two things are certain; I have never done so much hot chocolate in my life that I have done in these few weeks and we really need to buy us some more coffee pots!


The Designer of The Children´s Lights 2015

Av: Malin Wallin, Designer of The Children´s Lights 2015 2015-10-09

My name is Malin Wallin

I am a designer and drama pedagogue and as part of a team I have worked with The Children's Lights in this years Lights in Alingsås. 

My approach, inspiration and idea has been that Children Shine!

That the vital playfulness shines and that light is a material, physical and immaterial which you can play with, discover, explore, create with and enjoy. Both the light of the history and the future is for me the children's obvious and strong ability to shine and touch us.

Shining Lola who is hanging upside down from her knees in the big oak is showing us that a child already has moved in to the park and started playing.

Now she's inviting everyone to join in.

On the interactive stage, with help from the creature Bo you can create shadow pictures in the gap or maybe help Bo to tell a story.

Here I want the visitors to interact and become a part of the installation. It is through people, shadows and through playing that Bo comes alive. 

I am delighted that I have, together with many children from Alingsås, been able to enter and with the help of light brighten, enliven and give playfulness to the heart of my hometown.

Diana - A Lighting student from Colombia

Av: Diana Mazuera Grisales, Lighting Student 2015 2015-09-18
Hello LiA 2015!
I am an architect and lighting designer from Colombia. I finished my Master in Lighting Design in Italy in 2011, and have been working in architectural lighting and other lighting ephemeral applications, back in my country, ever since.
Last year, while I was again in Italy for a short lighting course, I decided to catch a plane heading north and had the wonderful opportunity of visiting LiA delighting myself with the beautiful creations from the 2014 students. This amalgam of nature, light and music left me so profoundly amazed, touched and inspired, that I promised myself I should be coming back again as a participant of the workshop and... here I am!
I believe light, aswell as sound, is a magical materia capable of changing our perception of space and time, creatively applied, and with the help of technology, it can alter and stimulate our senses granting us unbelievable experiences that connect us with our subtle inner side. Lights in Alingsås is then for me, a chance to work with and learn from magic in a magical place, and a chance to gift others and of course myself with a unique touching experience.
So happy to be here and getting to learn with all of you very soon!

The director of LiA MakerCamp

Av: Henrik Blennow, Makercamp-director and initiator of "Barnens Framtidspark at Järtas park" 2015-09-17

My name is Henrik Blennow and I'm from Sweden. I travel a lot and I´m currently making Art-Tech project and for Lights in Alingsås I am basically responsible for two things: 

  • I´m making the art installation "The Tree" ( or Instagram #nolandtree ) including a co-create installation with ruffly 600 creations made by children for the Park of the Future in "Järtas Park", 
  • and I´m responsible for the MakerCamp as well, as a host for the MakerMobile. The #MakerMobile is an art-tech project in development and please, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

The MakerCamp will be situated outside the main entrance of Estrad by the end of this week. You can of course join the group on Facebook 'Maker Camp'. Just add me Henrik Blennow on Facebook and I'll put you in the group. At the MakerCamp you will find the MakerMobile (Instagram #MakerMobile). We are currently 10 makers at the camp and you should feel most free to join and take part or do your own thing. We have almost 5000 addressable LEDs to play around with and we have material like acrylic glass and polymorph plastic and much more.

In the picture I´m wearing wings made by Zacharias Vindbacke who is coming to the MakerCamp and in the background you can see the art-tech project; the MakerMobile.

Please also check out following # from the MakerCamp participants:


My contact information is:
Facebook: Henrik Blennow
Skype: blennow

Vivianne - An upcoming lighting designer

Av: Vivianne Magyarovari, Lighting Student 2015 2015-09-14

Hi everyone!

I cant wait to see all of you in Alingsås! The countdown has started with only a week left before the fun begins.

I'm Vivianne, a 23 year old student from Jönköping in Sweden. I am currently studying my second year at the School of Engineering to become a Light Designer. So far during this course of the second year program, we have been concentrating our studies on exterior lighting- which I hope is something I could continue with in the foreseeable future .

Im a really innovative and creative person who enjoys to travel the world. Food and culture is a big part of my lifestyle. And when I’m not in school, I prefer to socialize with friends and family.

I am very excited and happy to be participating at Lights in Alingsås. It shall be an experience that I hope I will cherish for many years to come. I am also eger to meet all of the designers and people from all around the world that will participate during these 7 days in Alingsås.

Nilsa - An lighting student from Panama and KTH

Av: Nilsa Sarmiento, Lighting student and scholarship receiver 2015 2015-09-13

Hello people!!!

I’m an architect, student of a master program of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and I come from a lovely place called “Panamá”.

I have always liked art, technology and history, and I chose to become an Architect because one career that includes those three aspects is Architecture. But when I was studying it, I felt that something was missing, I also liked lighting design and that’s why I decided continue my studies with a master program in Architectural Lighting Design.

I can describe me as a hardworking and friendly person, who always try to think outside of the box while producing creative work.

Where I come from, this kind of activities does not exist. Luckily I got an Scholarship to assist to it, I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to attend to it. This kind of activities, where people from different part of the world interact and work together, usually open you the vision of the world and give you more ideas for future projects, that’s why is so important to me to be a another participant of this workshop.

I see a huge opportunity to learn in this workshop and, in addition, it could later open me some doors.

I’m counting down the days until the workshop week start… I know it will be an amazing week and will be worth the wait.

Lucia - A designer who will join us at LiA workshop

Av: Lucía Pérez do Souto, Lighting student 2015 2015-09-12

Lucía Pérez do Souto *1991

I studied Media and Communication and throughout the years I developed interest for light, which led me to specialize in Cinematography and, currently, studying a Master degree in Architectural Lighting Design in Madrid, Spain.

Obsessions make your work better and I am fascinated by light and sound, interaction, new materials, high technology and programming possibilities. Installations give us the opportunity to deepen in what is interesting for us and to create scenes where others can experiment emotions, which is always a challenge.

Alingsäs seems as a huge opportunity to learn from the visions of people all over the world and get knowledge about different light cultures. It is also an amazing way to learn by doing and living the process.

Can’t wait!

The teacher of Alströmer High School

Av: Bernt Johansson, Teacher Alströmer High School 2015 2015-09-11

Hello, I am a teacher at the Electric-Energy program at Alströmer High School in Alingsås. My students in year three are included in the event Lights in Alingsås. They make sure that there is power at all sights and are participating in the project from a blank sheet of paper to a finished piece of art.

The Students grows with there tasks. From the beginning they are a little bit skeptical of their knowledge, but in the end of the event their self-confidence has grown and thinking "No problem, we will solve this task." They becomes part of the groups and relying on their English more and more.

At the opening ceremony on Friday 25th of september, they are pretty proud and satisfied with their work at the sights. They want to show Alingsås, their teachers, family and friends what they have been working with during the last couple of days.

Bernt Johansson
Electric-Energy program
Alströmer High School